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  • Central Mutual Ins. Co. v. Custom Tank Services, et al., Case No. 2023-3993-CB (3rd Cir. Business Court) (garagekeeper's liability case)

  • Line 2 Line, Inc. v. Race Winning Brands, Inc., Case No. 2022-cv-00610 (ND Ohio) (trade secrets case)

  • MEZ Enterprise Inc. v. CMS Income Tax LLC, Case No. 2021-cv-10793 (ED Mich) (trade secrets case)

  • ML Chartier, Inc. v. United Tank Trailer Co., Case No. 2020-1043-CB (31st Cir. Business Court) (breach of contract case) 

  • TECC Holdings Inc. v. North American Metals of Canada, Case No. CV-20-00640172-00CL (Ontario Superior Court of Justice) (shareholder oppression case, with Canadian-licensed counsel)

  • North American Metals of Canada v. Trustees of the Steve Potter Family Trust et al., Case No. CV-20-00639286-0000 (Ontario Superior Court of Justice) (breach of contract case, with Canadian-licensed counsel)

  • Global Embedded Technologies, Inc. v. Advanced Circuits, Inc., Case No. 2017-cv-12742 (ED Mich)  (breach of contract case)

  • Schmalz Inc. v. Better Vacuum Cups, Inc., Case No. 2016-cv-10040 (ED Mich) (patent case)

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