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10,588,547   Systems, devices & methods relating to motion data 


10,378,621   Continuously variable transmission

10,371,479   Stabilized integrated commander's weapon station for combat armored vehicle


10,047,710   Method for refurbishing a valve seat in a fuel injector assembly

10,029,060   Oropharyngeal airway

9,644,916    Modular weapon station system

9,622,844    Devices and methods for preventing incisional hernias

9,620,309    Rotary selector switch and related systems and methods

9,090,159    Vibration dampened engine mounted radiator assembly

9,024,509    Device for maximum detection of vibrating energy for harvesting energy

D725,548     Unmanned aerial vehicle

8,811,248    Method for extending battery life in a wireless device

8,702,964    Preparation of monobasic phosphate ionophores

8,649,961    Method of diagnosing several systems and components by cycling the EGR valve

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